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Kentara Analytics provides risk data analytics and assessment services to banks and credit unions, helping lenders to manage talent, improve loan quality, and increase profitability.
Our Company

Kentara Analytics is a strategic analytics services firm specializing in quantitative risk, financial modeling, credit risk/scoring, regulatory capital, stress testing, risk-based capital, and risk-based pricing.

Products & Services
Digital Work

Kentara provides strategic consulting services to commercial, not-for-profit, and government organizations.

Our People
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We can mobilize the right people with the right skills, equipped with business analytics and technology, to help organizations properly balance risk and reward, measure and improve their performance, and gain insight into regulatory expectations and best practices.

Our Mission
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Our mission is to improve the world's economy one community at a time by combining the expert knowledge and strategies of our clients with analytics and data to significantly enhance profitable decision-making in banks and credit unions.

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