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Analytics for the Do-It-Yourself-er

Combine open source software with Excel to build your own in-house models.

Let KENTARA show you how.

Although Kentara is not a training organization (but we do training, if you have the need), we know that if our clients have a solid foundation in credit risk modelling, they can achieve their goals with regard to regulatory compliance, capital requirements, and creating substantial credit and lending skills.  Most small banks cannot afford large complex software solutions offered by leading companies.  Therefore, we build our models with open source (free) software and MicroSoft Excel, and we show our clients how to do the same.

Our approach is to deliver content that is not only readily consumable by your organization but is also on demand for your employees.  We do this by providing white label content in through a state-of-the-art learning management system platform set up exclusively for you and include Kentara Analytics's  Précis Notes, which are one-page summaries of important basics.  

Featured Projects

The DIY Approach
String Lights in Jar

Video Content:

  • To save costs related to live training, having a secure platform in which to deliver pre-recorded video on demand is beneficial to both the host organization as well as the student.  Although there are many videos per series, no video within any series is longer than 9-minutes long, enabling the viewer (student) to access parts of the series when he or she is available for learning.

Précis Notes:

  • "Précis" is a fancy word for "precise."  That's what we are trying to do/be.  See an example here.

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