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Tara Heusé Kenyon

Tara Heusé (pronounced “YOU zay”) Kenyon is the Founder and CEO of Kentara Analytics, a woman-owned global strategic analytics services firm. 

She is an accomplished Chief Risk Officer with a record of successfully orchestrating the optimization of risk and strategic management programs within community and regional banks.  Kenyon created risk management divisions for two separate Top 50 U.S. Banks (large regional banks in the Southeastern US).  She facilitated the strategic planning activities for all banking operations (39 separate bank charters) and financial management companies (trust, brokerage, insurance) of a large bank holding company and designed and led process efficiency for a mortgage company, reducing entire processing time (from application to funds received) by 31.8%. 

She has spoken in various conferences (in North and South America, in Africa, and in Europe) on the fundamentals of enterprise risk management and its implementation challenges.  Kenyon co-authored (as Tara Heusé Skinner*) a book for the American Bankers Association (ABA), The Bank Executive’s Guide to Enterprise Risk Management (published in 2006).  She has also been featured on several ERM webcasts for the American Bankers Association and the Conference Board.  She regularly posts on LinkedIn.  Click here for her LinkedIn profile.

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Prior to founding Kentara, Kenyon was the Global Banking Practice Leader for IBM Risk Analytics and a Risk Practice Managing consultant with SAS, leading a team of experts, providing risk management expertise for the banking industry vertical globally.  Her financial industry career spans over twenty years.  Kenyon, who holds an MBA from Louisiana State University, is a distinguished graduate of the ABA’s Stonier Graduate School of Banking; her Stonier Strategic Leadership thesis is published in the Harvard Business School library.  She served on Stonier’s faculty for 14 years and is a former member of its board of advisers.  Kenyon also served as Professeur of Risk Management for the MBA Program of the International School of Management at the Institut Supérieur Européen de Gestion (ISEG), Paris, where she is also a Ph.D. candidate.  Her doctoral thesis is entitled Risk Culture and Its Influence on Firm Value, Financial Performance, and Entrepreneurship.

*Not to worry, hubby is alive and well as is Tara's marriage to him - 26 years and counting. The switch to "Kenyon" is actually the result of hubby's name change - see Post:

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