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What’s in a Name?

“Kentara” is a distillation of the names of our owners.  In doing the due diligence behind the name (e.g., availability, domain registrations, etc.) and before settling on it, we thought to also check non-English languages to see if the word “Kentara” meant anything naughty or confusing outside of the English-speaking world. 

We discovered that Kentara means “obvious” in the Indonesian language.  That’s why you see the word “Obviously” incorporated within the logo.  Not a bad tag line for a company that empowers aspiring and established business leaders to obtain data-rich insights and visualization as well as business intelligence.

The “tara” in Kentara is the given name of our CEO (find her on our parent company's website).  She says to
pronounce it, preferably, “ken – Ta – ruh” (for the middle syllable, that’s “a” as in "tack" or "cat") or, if you must,
“ken – TAR – ruh” (as in the La Brea "Tar" Pits) as the Brits do, but never, ever  “ken – teәr -ruh” (eәr as in "air"
or Evil "Lair").  As she’s lived with a hard-to-pronounce-in-English-speaking-circles Acadian moniker,
we can give her a break.  And don’t get her started on the perils of having an acute accent
in her family name.





The name "Kentara" and the "braided K" logo are registered trademarks
of Kentara's parent company, The Tara Kenyon Group LLC.

Registered Name - sstock_217222567.jpg
White Logo_KENTARA (R).png

The Logo

Frankly, the creativity of our management team falls within the realm of statistics, financial and credit risk modeling, stress testing, and credit/lending analytics.  While they think those activities are pretty cool, they also know that the skill set needed for analytics and risk management doesn’t exactly lend itself into creating an elegant brand.  So…they held a logo contest and sought out a winning design from over 700(!) possibilities.

Nearly 200 graphic designers across the globe competed for the prize money, and early in the contest, designs that included an eye were submitted.  Plus, all eye designs were from Indonesia.  Curious as to why some designers of a logo for an analytics consulting firm would look more like the logo for an optometrist, Kentara’s management, with the assistance of Google Translate, asked why.  They were told that “kentara” means “obvious” in the sense that something is “clear, right before your eyes.”​ And we like that, too.

Kentara Trivia
  • A young designer from Indonesia won our logo contest by creating our “braided K” logo.

  • Kentara is a popular name Japanese parents give to their baby boys.

  • Fans of Star Wars role-playing games will know that Kentara is a heroic Wookiee who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War (Source:  Wookieepedia).  That's why you'll see a Star Wars reference every now and then in our website.  May the force be with you.

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