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DIVA Academy

Which level is right for me?

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DIVA I: Apprentice

Apprentices gain foundational business analytics knowledge, use basic data analysis tools, and extract insights to aid decisions and identify opportunities. They comprehend raw data, contributing to data-driven projects, thus enhancing data literacy and initiating small-scale data-driven improvements within their organizations.

DIVA II: Sojourner

Sojourners acquire extensive business analytics experience, confidently working with diverse data sets. They apply data visualization techniques to communicate insights and leverage analytics for informed decisions. Collaborating with data professionals, they contribute significantly to data-driven projects and strategy adoption, creating measurable process efficiencies and data-driven business improvements.

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Full Moon

DIVA III: Master

Masters attain a deep understanding of business analytics, possessing advanced technical skills in data analysis, predictive modeling, and data visualization. They interpret data patterns, provide strategic recommendations, and contribute significantly to business growth and optimization. Their expertise empowers them to lead, mentor, and guide organizations towards data-centric success, fostering a data-driven culture and delivering substantial business value through data-driven strategies and informed decision-making.

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