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We are an Isaiah 58 Company

Each month, Kentara  Analytics contributes 10% of its sales proceeds to a selected non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating oppression - particularly in the forms of human trafficking, homelessness, hunger, unfair work practices, and injustice - throughout the world.  Our efforts are based on the nine principles of Isaiah 58 in three categories:

  1. Standing firm against every form of oppression by:

    • Releasing the bonds of wickedness (unhealthiness of untruths)​

    • Untying the perversion of justice

    • Setting the oppressed free

    • Eliminating the obstruction of justice

  2. Showing positive generosity towards the destitute by:​

    • Dividing our food with the hungry​

    • Providing homeless people with a place to stay

    • Clothing the ill-clad

    • Providing for the needs of our own families

  3. Observing formal periods of rest (our team takes time off)​



The Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) is a non-profit think tank based in Washington, DC. whose mission is to fight poverty and restore dignity through the message of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility.

Click on the CURE logo to be directed to the UrbanCURE site.

A21 Logo for website.png

A21 is a non-profit organization fueled by the radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored.

By supporting A21, our business is joining them in their mission to end slavery--by reducing vulnerability, identifying victims, and empowering survivors--to ultimately reach, rescue, and restore lives.

Human trafficking is robbing millions of their freedom.  But we are coming alongside A21 to change that.  Because we believe when we all do our part in the fight against slavery, we will see more lives experience freedom, independence, and full restoration.

Click on the Supporting A21 logo to be directed to the A21 site.

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